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Meet the Halo Team

Halo Concierge Doctors Team

Dr. Dan Minior

Dr. Dan is an experienced and accomplished physician who has treated over 80,000 patients in primary care, acute care, and emergency care. Passionate about patient satisfaction, Dr. Dan is committed to delivering personalized care to each of his patients.

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Halo Health Concierge House Call Doctors Team

Chris Wright, PA-C

Chris Wright is an experienced clinician who has practiced extensively in primary care, wellness care, age management, acute care, and emergency care. Chris is passionate about preventative healthcare, nutrition, anti-aging and natural aesthetics toward helping patients feel young and look young by lowering metabolic age and increasing vitality. He is committed to developing strong and trusting relationships with each patient.

Halo Concierge Doctors

Lauren "Breezy" Peyton, PA-C

Breezy Peyton is a proactive, skilled clinician who has a passion for helping patients manage their health by establishing effective care plans that focus on achieving personal goals. Working first as an EMT and then becoming a Certified Physician Assistant in the emergency room, Breezy brings exceptional experience treating all types of primary and acute health issues. Her communication skills and energetic personality give her a special ability to manage chronic health conditions. Breezy has treated patients of all ages and acuities and has advanced skills in procedures such as central line placement and intubation. She likes to encourage her patients to use exercise as a key part of health and wellness to help them understand that a little can go a long way toward feeling their best.

David Comer, PA-C

Dave joined Halo in 2023 and brings his vast experience in primary care and treatment of geriatric patients. Dave understands many of the special needs and medical considerations necessary toward taking care of patients who are aging. He is a compassionate provider who is often complimented for his ability to listen. Dave has a passion toward helping patients understand that they can improve their current condition and age well through physical exercise and physical therapy, nutrition, and simple lifestyle changes. He helps his patients proactively manage chronic health conditions toward improving their quality of life. In his spare time, Dave is a Dad who also loves music and plays guitar in a band.

Halo Concierge Doctors

Jess Hatch, NP​

Jessica Hatch is a compassionate nurse practitioner who practices in primary and emergency care. Her philosophy of care is to treat patients to the best of her ability, without prejudice, and with respect. Jessica strongly focuses on individualizing care, using a holistic approach to promote each patient's best quality of life. She is passionate about mental health, preventative healthcare, and goal-setting.

Brittani Flanagan, BSN, RN

Brittani Flanagan is a highly accomplished registered nurse with experience in Critical Care. She graduated from The University of North Carolina Wilmington and pursued her BSN at the Medical University of South Carolina. Brittani's calm temperament and confidence makes her capable of quickly adapting to high-stress situations, while her compassionate nature enables her to empathize with patients in various circumstances. She also has a keen eye for medical aesthetics and enjoys helping patients achieve their goals. During her free time, Brittani enjoys spending time at the beach with her husband and their dog, Kona.

Halo Concierge Doctors

Nichole Posillipo, MA

Nichole is an experienced Medical Assistant and Administrative Medical Assistant. She has a decade of experience in patient care in family medicine and specialty practices. She has advanced experience assisting physicians with patients who are receiving care in the areas of cardiology, pulmonology, rheumatology, endocrinology, urology, neurology, women’s health, gastroenterology, dermatology, immunology, podiatry and orthopedics. Nichole is currently advancing her education toward a nursing degree. A former gymnast, Nichole brings her spirit of fun and high energy toward taking care of people. Nichole loves to get to know her patients personally and is committed to making sure patients feel comfortable and at ease during their appointment.

Halo Concierge Doctors

Anna Kelly, MA

Anna is a detail-oriented Medical Assistant committed to excellent customer service. Her caring demeanor along with a fun sense of humor puts patients at ease. She is skilled at balancing many tasks at once and following through with patient requests. Anna brings her compassionate nature to caring for patients and makes sure that their requests are dealt with promptly.

Halo Health Concierge House Call Doctors Team

Cyril Tiedman, Practice Manager​

Cyril is a real people person; she has a passion for helping others achieve their goals. She brings a broad background in sales, marketing, customer service, and team leadership, along with experience in medical sales, aesthetics, and operations. As the Practice Manager for Halo Health, Cyril brings her fun sense of humor to the team while making herself always available to support Halo members and the clinical team.

Halo Concierge Doctors

Deb Lanier, Patient Coordinator

Deb is dedicated to providing excellent customer service while getting to know every patient. She is a people person and a good listener who enjoys helping others. Deb has a diverse background that includes experience in graphic design, marketing, and retail sales. She also obtained a Master level training for Coolsculpting provider and worked at a medical spa. Her top priority is to provide exceptional customer service by building personal connections with our patients. During her free time, Deb enjoys spending quality time with her family, especially her three grandchildren. She also likes to take walks with her Ausiedoodle, Max, and attend classes at the YMCA. Additionally, she enjoys shopping.

Halo Concierge Doctors

Becky Abbott, Patient Coordinator

Becky brings over a decade of patient services experience coordinating patient requests, insurance, charting and specialty medication coordination, assuring patients are supplied with their needed medical prescriptions and appointments. She helps get information back and forth to the providers so that patient requests, questions and concerns can be addressed as promptly as possible. She has published two novels and is a Mom of two.

About Halo Concierge Doctors Team

Dr. Joe Hummel, Physician Advisor

Dr. Joe is an experienced thought leader in wellness care focusing on anti-aging and optimal health. He advises and trains halo clinicians so they can deliver highly skilled and personalized wellness care.