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Halo Corporate Physicians

Halo’s business and corporate physicians is a premium MOBILE medical practice that partners with employers to provide affordable personalized wellness-focused medical care to your employees AT YOUR OFFICE.

A customized plan for your Company is developed based on the extent of care your business wants to provide for your employees and their families, if desired.  We place a physician once a month, (or at more frequent intervals as needed) in your place of business with scheduled appointments for your employees to get regular medical treatment – without the hassle of taking time off work, juggling family schedules and waiting weeks to see a doctor.

We handle all types of medical issues from blood pressure checks, general wellness check-ups, migraine treatments, stress and anxiety treatment, prescription refills, flu shots, covid testing, and much more. For employees who are sick and cannot come to work, we schedule telehealth visits whenever needed.

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What our Corporate Physicians Treat

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Employees likely have new or different needs for mental and physical well-being. And the easier it is for them to explore and access what they need while on-site, the more likely they will want to be on-site.

Benefits of Corporate Physician Access


Your employees are busy and don’t always prioritize their health. Make it easier for them to be proactive about their health by providing regular on-site medical care.

Employee Amenity

Differentiate your workplace by offering this premium amenity and provide an added benefit for them as they return to the office.

Company Culture

Invest in your company’s culture and show your employees how much you value their wellbeing.

Better Job Performance

Unhealthy employees affect productivity. When your employees suffer, so does your business.