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7 Major Benefits of Using Telehealth Services

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Telehealth services have come a long way since the 1960s when NASA started CCTV projects. Technology advancements with phone, data and video call technology have made the practice more accessible and easier to use than ever. Doctors and patients can text, call, or video chat for routine check-ups and more. 

Today, telemedicine is a beneficial part of primary care, urgent care and concierge medicine. While not everything can happen virtually for medical care, there are plenty of medical issues that can be addressed by telehealth! These are just seven of the reasons why telehealth is here to stay.

1. Telehealth Let’s You Take Your Doctor With You on the Road

There are few things as stressful as trying to find a doctor in an unfamiliar place. An unfamiliar doctor also means you’ll have to fill them in on your medical history, which can be difficult without access to your records.

You can’t always control where you get sick, so having the ability to talk to your doctor when you’re away from home is important. 

Telehealth means you can go on vacation to the beach but still have access to your concierge doctor in Raleigh. Whether you need a prescription renewed or you’re worried that you may have caught an illness, telehealth means you can talk to a doctor who knows your medical history without ever leaving your hotel room.

2. Telehealth Provides Extended Hours

Just like you can’t control where you get sick, you also can’t control when you need medical attention. Telehealth services offer extended hours beyond standard business hours so that you can get help as soon as you need it, not just as soon as the office opens.

Finding time to go to a doctor’s office may be difficult if you have a demanding job. With telemedicine, you can schedule a virtual check-up outside of your work hours or even have the check-up in your own office. 

Having access to a doctor in the middle of the night can also come in handy when you’re caring for young children. If one of your children is sick, having the doctor come to you virtually is significantly easier and cheaper than going to a 24-hour urgent care center or an ER. 

3. No Worries About Childcare

No matter what time of day you need care, telehealth services mean you don’t need to worry about childcare. Whether it’s you or a child that needs medical attention, taking your children to the doctor can be a hassle. 

When you’re the one who’s sick, it might be difficult to find someone to take you to the doctor and someone to take care of your children. By bringing your doctor to you, you’re solving both problems. 

The same is true for any caregiver. Whether you’re taking care of children, an elderly parent, or another loved one who needs assistance, bringing the doctor to you can be much less stressful than bringing everyone to the doctor. 

4. Limit Your Exposure to Germs

Telehealth services don’t just reduce stress–they can also reduce your exposure to germs and illnesses. Sitting in a waiting room with other sick people has the potential to spread contagious diseases. 

Whether the illness is mild like the flu or dangerous like COVID-19, limiting exposure will reduce your chances of getting sick. Telehealth services let you get care without the possibility of catching another illness while you wait. 

In fact, using telemedicine to connect with your direct primary care doctor eliminates the need for a waiting room at all. You get care on your schedule, in a place where you feel comfortable.

5. Convenient No Matter Where You Live

One of telemedicine’s biggest benefits is that it makes medical care accessible to everyone, no matter how far you live from the doctor’s office or nearest hospital. Telehealth and mobile health care services mean that care comes to you, wherever you are. 

Telehealth doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing the quality of your care either. You can get a mobile doctor and concierge service no matter where you live. If you’ve ever thought, “There’s no concierge doctor near me,” think again! Telehealth services bring high-quality care into your home, and that’s as near as it gets.

6. Better Chronic Condition Management

Another reason to choose telehealth or a home call doctor is to better manage chronic conditions. When you’re chronically ill, going to the doctor frequently can be expensive and exhausting. 

Telehealth appointments can be more affordable. With a doctor concierge service, patients with chronic conditions can see their doctor as often as they need without worrying about the expenses adding up.

At the same time, doctors can more easily track patient symptoms over time and monitor for changes. The more familiar you are with your doctor, the easier it will be to catch problems early and take care of them quickly.

7. Easier Access to Specialists 

Virtual medical visits provide better access to all types of care. One of the last things you want to do when you aren’t feeling your best is travel long distances. Using telehealth services, your primary care doctor can refer you to the best specialist available, not just the closest one. 

While some procedures and examinations have to happen in person, telemedicine makes check-ups, monitoring, and visual examinations easier. Even when you need to see a specialist face-to-face, follow-up visits and aftercare can happen virtually, significantly reducing the burden on the patient.

Learn More About Our Telehealth Services

Telehealth services have been part of the medical care system for a long time, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! While there’s always a place for in-person care, virtual care can make prioritizing your health easier. At Halo Health, telehealth services are just the beginning of our care plan for our patients. Contact us today to get started as a Halo Health patient. We can schedule a virtual appointment or even send a doctor to your home or office.

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