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3 Reasons Telehealth Is Here To Stay


This past year has taught us the importance of continued medical care from the safety of our homes. Telehealth has been monumental for keeping both patients and physicians safe.

The way telehealth has adapted to meet patients’ needs has revolutionized and redefined how we connect with our care providers, and it’s not slowing down any time soon.

Read on to see why telehealth is here to stay!

Telehealth Has Changed The Game

Telehealth has become a lifeline to immunocompromised or vulnerable individuals who had a high risk of illness, but it can offer so much more! By offering direct access to primary care providers It can help address problems as soon as possible

Even big-box stores are partnering with telehealth services to offer membership services. Whether you are a busy professional, an active retiree, or even a caretaker, telehealth can help reduce the stress of health visits.

1. Professionals On-The-Go

You are at the top of your game and don’t have the time to schedule visits to your clinic. Using telehealth and concierge medical care is a great way to check in on your medical concerns, create personalized wellness plans, and even get updates at your convenience.

This helps to eliminate travel and wait time. You can plan more throughout your day without worrying about traveling and waiting at your doctor’s office. This allows you to maintain your personal relationship with your care provider from the comfort of your home or office.

You can even check to use a health reimbursement arrangement to cover additional costs through your employer!

2. Active Retirees

You’ve worked hard in your life, and now, you want to spend time traveling and enjoying your time. The last thing you want to worry about is going to urgent care while you’re on vacation.

Telehealth is a great asset to use to stay healthy and manage any ongoing treatments with your provider. You get easier and faster access to qualified care specialists anywhere you go.

This is a great way to get texts, email updates, and access to your secure patient portal for information on your prescription status.

If you suffer from a chronic medical condition or disease and need frequent doctor visits throughout the year, this is a great choice for you! You can even schedule many treatments at your home, so you can safely avoid a trip to the hospital.

3. Caretakers

Managing a household and your family has its challenges. Your schedule is filled with errands, social events, and everything in between. The last thing you want to do is spend time traveling to your clinic and waiting to see your physician.

By establishing with a direct primary care doctor, you will get a consultation and continued specialized treatment plans all from the comfort of your home.

Direct connection to your doctor through telehealth visits, saves you time and energy. Your physician will even provide concierge medicine services to you and your loved ones at your home.

They know your health history, and they can provide treatment for the whole family!

Membership-Based Telehealth Services

When you choose to work with a membership-based primary care program, you pay regular monthly or annual fees instead of going through traditional insurance. Your membership fee covers all the necessary expenses of your doctor’s visit, including most care services.

These same services could have you pay out of pocket through your current provider.

Instead, you can spend more time with your doctor during your visit without worry, especially since your fee won’t change no matter how many visits or services you need. This comprehensive payment model also allows for a more personal relationship with your provider.

Get quick access to care or treatment questions by text, phone, email, telehealth, or even house calls.

If you are even unsure if you need to go to urgent care for a non-life-threatening emergency, feel free to send us a message. We will gladly assist you in your decision-making.

Halo Health, A Step Above The Rest

At Halo Health, we have several different types of concierge care: Urgent Care, Wellness Care, Pediatric Care, Primary Care, and Preventative Care.

No more calling to make an appointment or waiting for a nurse line. With your membership to Halo Health, your answers to health concerns are available 24/7 through text, phone, email, and telehealth visits.

How Our Telehealth and Concierge Service Work

After you contact us with your concerns, we will set up a telehealth appointment. If need be, we will send a doctor to your residence or anywhere within the Triangle NC area.

Then, our medical professional will assess your needs and apply any necessary care treatment.

Afterward, they will create a specialized wellness plan for any acute or chronic issues. Finally, they will follow up or arrange for any further testing at your convenience.

Your physician can also provide a wellness care plan for mind and body health.

Looking to reduce your stress, get a better night’s sleep, or even quit smoking? These are just some of the many ways our specialists provide wellness care treatment plans.

Check out some of the features our concierge service offers, below!

  • Refill Prescriptions
  • Preventative Care
  • Manage Chronic Health Disorders
  • Mobile X-Rays
  • Apply Stitches or Splints
  • IV Therapy
  • Provide Most Common Vaccinations
  • And So Much More!

At Halo Health, we know you want to get your health care when you need it and not have to deal with the hassle of waiting at the hospital. That’s why we are happy to bring the clinic to you.

See just how convenient and easy to use our program is for you.

Upgrade Your Healthcare Today!

The pandemic has changed the way we view doctor’s visits forever. Thankfully, the new telehealth model is here to stay. See all the benefits of continuing this personalized treatment with your local VIP concierge medical care, today!

Halo Health is proud to offer full-service mobile concierge medical care to the Triangle NC area in North Carolina! We provide convenient 24/7 access for you and your family’s medical needs.

Call us today to establish with our care team!

We can’t wait to help treat you from the comfort of your own home, at work, or on the go.

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