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7 Excellent Reasons People are Opting for House Call Doctors

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Every year, about 85% percent of adults and 94% of children have contact with a health care professional at least once. Going to the doctor isn’t anyone’s favorite pastime, but it’s an essential part of keeping you and your family healthy. What if there were a way to see the doctor without having to leave your own home, though? There is! Let’s take a look at seven reasons why more and more people are choosing house call doctors.

1. Convenience

When you or someone in your family is feeling unwell, packing up and heading to the doctor’s office or hospital is arduous and stressful. What if you didn’t have to do this and instead could have at-home healthcare provided by your own doctor?

Even if you simply need to visit your doctor for a routine checkup, it’s inconvenient to have to take time off of work, drive to the office, find parking, and wait around for your name to be called. Healthcare can’t get any more convenient than having your doctor show up at your house.

2. High-Quality Care

Do you ever feel like you’re just another number to your doctor? When you have a concierge doctor, you get high-quality, personalized care. When you have a concierge house call doctor, you get the extra benefit of not having to travel when you’re not feeling well. You don’t need to get out of bed when you’re feeling terrible. Your concierge house call doctor knows your health history already and can take care of you the same day.

3. No Waiting Rooms

Is there anything more irritating than waiting around in a germ-filled waiting room? Sitting there in a fluorescently lit room with a bunch of other sick strangers, perking up when a nurse walks to the doorway only to call someone else’s name? That’s when you feel like a number and healthcare feels impersonal.

After all that, you’re finally called in, only to… wait some more. The whole encounter is, frankly, mostly waiting. When you have a concierge house call doctor, all of that goes out the window.

Imagine being in the comfort of your own home and never having to wait around in a busy crowded building to see your doctor. Instead, when your house call doctor shows up ready to see you, you haven’t had to wait a long time in an exam room or waiting room.

4. Extended Hours

Doesn’t it seem like you always get sick at night or Friday after 5 pm and on the weekend? Your health doesn’t follow a strict 9 to 5, Monday through Friday schedule. A fever doesn’t care if it’s Christmas or a Sunday morning. When something like this happens, your only options are to go to an urgent health care clinic or the emergency room which can be pricey and often means a lot of waiting around.

When you use a concierge doctor, the hours are extended beyond normal doctor’s office hours. At Halo Health, we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means you can get the care you need whenever you need it.

5. Avoid Doctor’s Offices During the Time of COVID with house call doctors.

Few people truly ever enjoyed going to the doctor’s office, but now there’s more reason than ever to avoid it. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are rightfully concerned about being in confined spaces with other people who may have contracted the virus or even other sicknesses including the flu.

We’re living in a world where it’s necessary to limit our interactions with others. Even if we are infected with the virus and our symptoms are mild or non-existent, we can still transfer the virus to someone else for whom it could be deadly.

If you or a member of your family are high-risk, it’s all the more important to avoid places like doctor’s offices. While staff often work hard to keep doctor’s offices clean, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s a place where sick people congregate. This means that there can be a higher concentration of germs in waiting rooms than in other places of business.

There are countless objects in a waiting room that are likely covered in germs. The waiting room chair, the toys, and the door handles are all places where germs collect.

With at-home healthcare, you can completely avoid the waiting room. This means that you and your family are safer from other people’s germs and potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

6. Major Time Savings

Even if you don’t mind all the waiting around, you have to admit that going to the doctor’s office, the urgent health clinic, or the emergency room is a huge time cost. Getting ready to leave, loading up the car, getting stuck in traffic, finding parking, navigating the building, filling out paperwork, and then endlessly waiting… are all things you’ll do before you’re even in the examination room.

After you’ve finally seen the nurse who takes all your vitals, waited some more, and then see your doctor, you’ve likely invested quite a bit of time into this endeavor. Then you have to get back out to your car and navigate traffic back to work or home. Imagine skipping all of those steps except for the most important one: seeing your doctor!

When you have children, there’s arranging for someone to babysit them or dragging them with you, only to expose them needlessly to germs at the office. And when one of your children is sick, there’s nothing worse than having to pack up the other kids and haul all of them to the doctor’s office so the one child can be seen. 

This is what at-home concierge healthcare can do for you. When you think about how many times you and your family need to see the doctor each year, this is a huge time-savings!

7. Concierge House Call Doctors accept many Insurance plans.

At this point, you’re probably thinking: “this sounds great, but I can’t afford that!” Believe it or not, many concierge healthcare services accept insurance! The monthly retainer that is due to join the concierge house call doctor’s practice can be paid with your Health Savings Plan. 

House Call Doctors: Join the Growing Movement to Move Healthcare Into Your Home

Is it time for you to start reaping the benefits of house calls for your primary care? Contact us today to learn more about concierge doctor house calls and our practice.

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