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Stop searching for ‘doctors near me’ —Halo Health’s mobile concierge medical care brings your doctors to you.

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Anyone who has been to a doctor’s office, urgent care, or emergency room knows about the long wait times and cumbersome paperwork. Dr. Dan Minior saw those frustrations first-hand after spending years running ERs in North Carolina. To create more responsive personalized care, Dr. Dan launched the nation’s first 24/7 mobile concierge medical practice, Halo Health, in April. The revolutionary health care service allows doctors to make house and office calls to busy families and professionals across Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

“We don’t just provide routine care in your home. We will come to your house and do everything you might experience at your doctor’s office, urgent care, or even an ER,” explains Dr. Dan, chief medical officer of Halo Health and board-certified emergency medicine physician with more than 15 years of experience. “We’re talking about routine blood work, standard lab work, in-home strep tests, flu tests, COVID-19 tests, mobile x-rays and ultrasounds in your home, even dispensing medication to you, so you don’t have to go to the pharmacy.”

If children need sick visits, wellness checkups, or school/camp physicals, there’s no longer a need to load them in the car and travel to a doctor’s office. The pediatrician comes to your door at a time that works for the family. “Having Dr. Dan and the Halo Health team is so much better than what I used to get,” explains Sarah, a Raleigh mother of three boys under the age of 12. “We had a coronavirus scare in June, and Dr. Dan did all our COVID-19 testing right in the living room. What a relief.”

Convenient Care with Mobile Concierge Medical Care

Halo Health provides convenient care so families no longer need to Google “doctors near me” or “convenient care near me.” Halo’s team of highly-trained physicians and clinicians have emergency room, primary care, and pediatric training and can treat all kinds of non-life-threatening health issues —everything from cuts to rashes, colds to UTIs, chronic illness management, and preventative care like vaccines and medication management.

Some families subscribe to the service for their aging parents who need medical help but have difficulty traveling or do not want to face potential COVID-19 germs at a doctor’s office. “My 83-year-old mother has lived with us for more than a year now. There’s no more rushing to make a doctor’s visit. We just wait for the doorbell to ring,” says Eric, an industrial engineer in Chatham County, “No doubt, signing up with Halo Health is keeping Mom safe during the pandemic, plus it’s comforting for her to know her doctor is just a call away.”

“Choosing Halo Health is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. The doctors actually look at me and listen to me.” Jean, Halo patient, Chatham County

“I love not having to go to a doctor’s office and waiting around a lot of sick people.” –Jeremy, Halo patient, software sales executive, Durham

“My kids’ physicals were so easy. He came right to the house.” –Katherine, Halo patient, mother of four, Raleigh

concierge doctor | Stop searching for ‘doctors near me’ —Halo Health’s mobile concierge medical care brings your doctors to you.