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Mobile Medical Practice Delivering Unique Employee Perks to the Boardroom and Beyond

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Business executives across the Triangle are buzzing about a one-of-a-kind mobile medical practice that is delivering health care right to the office, workplace, or even to a staff member out in the field. Raleigh-based Halo Health launched just a few months ago, and now provides a new kind of employee health benefit to small, medium, and even Fortune 500 companies.

Veteran North Carolina emergency room physician, Dr. Dan Minior, created the mobile health delivery concept for companies after years of heading up several ERs across the region. Halo Health is the nation’s first 24/7 mobile concierge medical practice that comes right to the door of area businesses to handle employee health issues.

Mobile Medical Practice

The mobile concierge medical practice caters to busy professionals and their families throughout Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham counties, so they don’t have to take time off work. Dr. Dan will arrive in an SUV that is like a doctor’s office on wheels.

“I signed up my family for the subscription service with Halo Health initially, and I am so pleased with their responsiveness and receiving care in my home that I’ve now introduced Halo Health to my employees,” explains Jonathan, a CEO of a consulting firm in North Raleigh. “As a business owner, I want to set a high standard for employee perks and well-being, especially as my people work from home during this pandemic and juggle their families and work life. Making my employees aware of Halo Health, and providing Dr. Dan’s concierge services as an option that my company offers, is a great benefit to my employees.”

Scheduled appointments are at the patients’ convenience, and sick and urgent care visits are handled immediately via telehealth and usually a personal visit that same day.

“When I injured a finger at work, Dr. Dan came to my work, examined me, stitched and splinted it, and fixed me right up,” says Jeffrey, a scientist at a biotech facility in Research Triangle Park. “I got right back to work and didn’t miss an important meeting.”

Flexible On-call Schedule

The Halo Health team’s flexible on-call schedule allows companies’ executives and other in-demand employees to take care of their health while still meeting tight work deadlines, attending important meetings, and remaining accessible to clients.

“Whether an employee needs help treating a sprained ankle, a migraine, getting routine blood work, or having an annual physical, we come right to the office, the warehouse, or an employee’s home. They can avoid the hassle of scheduling an appointment and taking time off work to visit a doctor’s office, urgent care, or many times the ER,” said Dr. Dan, a veteran board-certified emergency medicine physician.

Monthly Subscription

Halo Health offers a monthly subscription that gives employees and their families better, faster access to their doctors when they get sick. They even dispense medication, so employees don’t have to leave work to fill a prescription. The extra employee perk helps staff stay healthy, so they might take off fewer sick days and spend more productive time at work, plus it’s an eye-catching health benefit for recruiting job candidates.

In addition to primary and urgent care services, Halo Health’s concierge medical team can create customized wellness care programs for employees and their families, like weight loss advice or stress management, allowing them to take control of their health and wellness.

mobile medicine | Mobile Medical Practice Delivering Unique Employee Perks to the Boardroom and Beyond